Chianti Gourmet Tour


Departure in the morning from Paggeria to Greve in Chianti where you will visit the ancient butcher shop “Falorni” recognized and appreciated around the world for its products.

You'll spend some time tasting and appreciating the typical products of Tuscan butcher shop that boasts the use of exclusive products in their centuries-old tradition with the addition in some mixtures of Chianti Classico wine or fresh herbs that give their meats harmoniously savory aromas and flavors.

Macelleria Falorni

After the butcher's shop, we will take you to visit the great Museum of Chianti wine where the museum walls will tell the museum will recount its history. The premises of the museum were used as a wine cellar after the grape harvest, which has always been the beating heart of the economy of Chianti. A guided tour with audio guide will help you discover the flavors and techniques with which the producers of Chianti wine used for centuries.


After visiting the museum we will take a short break at the restaurant "La Toppa" in the heart of Chianti, in the center of the charming medieval village of San Donato in Poggio where you will taste Chianti wines accompanied by cold cuts, meats and cheeses all produced in the area.

In the afternoon, we will visit the beautiful medieval village of San Donato, well-preserved and restored where there are many traces of the thirteenth century. The village is still enclosed by the walls of that time, on whose western side stands a watchtower with a very particular form called Il Torrino.

Visit to San Donato, we head back to Paggeria at 6.00 pm.

The itinerary includes:

Possibility to personalize the itinerary to your liking in more areas of Tuscany.
Stops, Stop and unique moments to your liking.
We'll think of everything, all you need to do is relax and have a good time.

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