One day tour of Siena, Monteriggioni and San Gimignano


Departure from Paggeria to Siena.

"The sole living model of medieval city"... This is the definition coined by the archaeologist Rannuccio Bianchi Bandinelli for this most well-preserved of Tuscan towns. Its layout today is almost exactly the same as it was in the 12th century, a time when Sienese art and economy rivaled and competed with those of Florence.

Of Etruscan origin, and later a Roman colony, Siena's prosperity began in Longobard times, when the via Francigena supplied an alternative to the roads, fostering the growth of commerce and trade in the area. The Campo, or main square, is the core of the city and an outstanding example of medieval architecture. Shaped like a shell, it is the venue for the famous Palio.

After the visit to Siena, we head out to see the beautiful village of Monteriggioni.


This village in the gentle setting of the Sienese hills is a rare example of medieval military architecture, virtually the same as when Dante saw it and wrote of “Monte Reggion with towers crowned”.

The walls, built from 1212-19 and 1260-70, are fortified with 14 square towers. The Parish Church of San Giovanni Battista testifies the passage from the Romanesque to the Gothic style.

San Gimignano

After the spectacular village of Monteriggioni, we will visit one of the most well-known towns in Tuscany, San Gimignano.

Soaring on a hilltop overlooking Valdelsa, in a territory most certainly inhabited in Etruscan times, the town is an outstanding testimonial to medieval Tuscan urban planning. It was already an important market center in the 10th century, at the cross roads of important routes.

In the 13th century, it boasted nine “hospitatores” for foreign merchants, and the 72 towers were a clear expression of the city's prosperity. Then the new route of the via Francigena, and the ensuing development of Poggibonsi and Colle, gradually brought about economic decline, a circumstance which has certainly favored the perfect preservation of the typical Tuscan medieval commune.

We return to Paggeria around 6pm.

The itinerary includes:

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